If this had been shot by Pasolini or Antonioni in the '60s it would have been a meditation on the capriciousness of fate and the absurdity of free will in a universe beyond our comprehension or control. We are the ball, it would have argued, tossed hither and yon by chance, hounded ever by the laughter of the immortals for whose amusement we exist. But, instead, it's a lighthearted romp that tells the story of a bocce ball's travels through a Sicilian town, showing the many flavors of Sanpellegrino's The Life Deliziosa.



"Three Minutes in Italy"

Delicious Italian soft drinks. Now with 300% more robots! To show how each sip was like being whisked off to Italy, we sent three custom-built robots to Taormina, Sicily, that you could control for three minutes through Facebook from whatever much suckier place you happened to be.