Siemens makes everything in the world, ever. They've been around longer than most states west of the Mississippi. If it can be engineered, they engineer it, and well. 


What happens when a Siemens product springs to action? Sometimes massive things. Sometimes smaller but more important things.

"Dragon" :60

"Rosie" :30

"Unit 9" :30



We shot nine long-form documentaries about places in the U.S. where Siemens was doing some good, including a three-part look at a town in Kansas building a factory in the throat of the recession.

Case Study




"Hutchinson, Part 1"

"Hutchinson, Part 2"

"Hutchinson, Part 3"




The Urban Generation Project

I believe the children are the future. And so are cities. So we asked kids around the world to draw the cities they wanted to live in. Here's a super emotional video about it.


The Denmark Wind Site

Siemens is putting massive wind turbines in the middle of the ocean off Denmark, you say? I'd like to see a website about that. Done.